Look at that little loft space. It's genius.Look at that. Just enough room for a lounge space/home office. Imagine having a small get together and watching some movies on that big ass TV.I'd put decorative pots or some shit on the long section of the desk. Hell yeah. Oh, and by the way? Those white panels on the walls are storage units/cabinets. FUCK. YES. Imagine the DVD collection.I can imagine all of the clutter on that desk. A desktop computer, small camera stand, decorative lamp... Oh yeah.I would totally put a painting above the bed. Or stack a shit load of books. Yeeep.STORAGE. STORAGE. SO MUCH STORAGE!And look. A small kitchen in a nook below the bed. And the cabinets! So many! So pretty and luxurious!For a small apartment, that's a lavish kitchen. You usually see small ass refrigerators in apartments like these. Not this one, though. Big one. Mmmm. Imagine the cooking. Fancy ass bathroom for one, please? :DThat door under the bedroom? A walk in closet. The door to the left of the kitchen? A pantry/more storage. The most-left door? Bathroom, I think. Or I have the two left doors switched... *Shrug*


Micro-studio of my dreams here, people! Only 500 sq ft! Can you believe that!?

It’s so perfect!

The photo’s are captioned, too. :D

Reasons not to leave the window open at night with the light on…

My bedroom is turning into a dammed insect menagerie!!
There are like 5-6 tiny mm length flies on the wall, about 3 small moths, a bigger 1.5cm wingspan moth and then finally a mother-of-all-moths massive 3cm Beastie Moth bouncing off the ceiling!
Although it does have a lovely wing pattern and makes a deep bassy hum with its wings..
But it has landed on my shoulder twice and sleeping will be hard like that!
Making friends with moths at 3am…
How do I even manage to not flinch or cringe when it lands on me!?