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MISC is known for producing efficient, modular, middle-of-the-road ships, primarily transports of different sizes. Freelancers are used as long haul merchant ships by major corporations, but they are just as frequently repurposed as dedicated exploration vessels by independent captains who want to operate on the fringes of the galaxy. Don’t let some of the alien technology in the cockpit surprise you: the Freelancer’s design owes several of its internal systems to a lend-lease deal with the Xi’An.

The Freelancer DUR is a long-duration explorer ship, specifically outfitted for exploring strange new worlds!

Go big, or go home: Freelancer MAX is the line’s dedicated hauler, with additional cargo space for merchant captains!

The Freelancer MIS is the heavy hitter of the line: a powerful missile boat designed for use by the UEE military and now available for civilian operators!